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Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machines

Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machines

With new developments in the machine technology, we have upgraded our Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machines. This has enhanced the overall value of this equipment in wrapping long lengths of products. We can manufacture Horizontal Wrapping Machine as per the client's requirements for heavy loads which generally demands high wrap force. Some of the products which this Horizontal Wrapping Machine wraps are aluminum extrusion, and timber collations. Generally in wrap type packing, vibrations during transportation contribute to the damaged products. But, with our specialty Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machines, this factor is eliminated as the film's elasticity allows holding of several products tightly together. The popularity of this packaging machine has increased continuously and today it is considered as the most important part of multiple industries.

If you are interested in our horizontal wrapping machine, then send us an inquiry now and we will reply you with following specifications:

  • Shipping Wight

  • Maximum Skid Size

  • Maximum Roll Width

  • Load Capacity